Background of Artwork Essentials
"The Process of Innovation"

Artwork Essentials, Inc. started in 2002 when a group of painters joined together to build superior lightweight easels. After ten months of research and design the first EASyL was created and  Artwork Essentials was born.

Being in the U.S. market for more than a decade, Artwork Essential's "EASyL" sets a new standard in plein air painting easels quickly becoming the choice for professional and amateur artists around the world. EASyL, which emphasizes the "easy" setup process, lives up to its name. With a unique locking hinge on each side, EASyL does away with telescope tripods or complicated bars and levers, with the associated wing nuts that have been the bane of so many easels in the past.

Beautifully manufactured in wood and brass, EASyL can be completely set up and ready to use in under 2 minutes. Using a professional tripod with quick release mechanism, the EASyL is sturdy and well suited to rugged environments. A hinged palette and easel combination can adjust the backing to any desired angle simply by twisting the knobs located on each side. Being extremely light weight, the EASyL can be carried by both young and old with ease.

Unlike other easels on the market place, EASyL includes many accessories that other manufacturers charge extra for. The professional tripod with pan and tilt head, quick release attachment mechanism, tripod carry bag, easel and palette, beautiful tapered brush holder, and two solid brass hooks for holding a paint brush washer, are all included.

The renowned artist, Mr. Jeff Horn, who has been awarded the "Award of Excellence" by Oil Painters of America, and has been chosen as "Artists to Watch" by the Southwest Art Magazine", has commented that: "I have used half a dozen brand of outdoor easels. For simplicity of design, ease of operation and quality my EASyL is the best." The EASyL deals solves numerous problems present easels have with elegant, innovative solutions.

ValueComp, the value scale and composition aide follows the EASyL's design and production to serve plein air artists. It is a meticulously designed product with a very competitive price on the market.

Our Commitment
The best has yet to come!

The artists' concern will be our concern, and the artists' needs will always be answered by our innovative product designs. We are committed to researching and developing fresh ideas and products for professional and amateur artists. Please check our web site frequently for new product updates!

Please send us comments and opinions about our products. You are also free to advise us of any product ideas you think would suit your needs. When your needs for art supply have been fully satisfied, your creativity and inspiration will reach their full potential.

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