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Kevin Macpherson's ProChade box with super lightweight tripod (two quick-release plates and tripod carry bag included), palette extension board, Aluminum brush holder, VF-34G View Finder.

Rather than to purchase a whole kit, you have this opportunity to buy just the Kevin Macpherson endorsed ProChade box and tripod at a discount price for just $199.00. (a $231.47 value). An excellent gift set for artists.

Please note this box has a small palette size 8"x10" ideal for traveling; it may not be suitable for those who just begin to paint outdoor.

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Price : $199.00 + S&H    Backorder


Japanese brush set with wallet.

Four high quality Japan made bristle filbert or flat brushes #2,#4, #6, #8 with a Brush Wallet.

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Price : $37.89 + S&H

PK-02A Brush wallet with bristle Filbert #2, #4, #6, #8 each.


PK-02B Brush wallet with bristle Flat #2, #4, #6, #8 each.



Two dry boxes kit.

DB-0912 Carries 8 pieces of 9"x12" panels.
DB-0810 Carries 4 pieces of 8"x10" panels.

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Price: $69.00 + S&H.  DB-0912 is out of stock









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