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Plein air umbrella kit      UMK-45A
Umbrella Kit


  •  Silver UV protection outside coating reduces heat from sunlight. Black inside surface removes reflected light.
  •  Large ventilation openings to counteract wind drag.
  •  Umbrella diameter: 45 inches (cross). 48" (arc). The overall length is 26" when folded.
  •  Service height of up to 107 inches suits the tallest artist.
  •  Universal ball joint ensures easy umbrella direction adjustment.
  •  Rubber padded C clamp can be mounted to any tripod leg, French easel leg, or Soltek easel leg.
  •  Strong fiberglass umbrella frame gives maximum product life.
  •  Large Nylon carry bag carries entire kit.
  •  Lightweight design - Apr. 2.2 lbs.

      Price : $169.00


45" Umbrella
Buy extra umbrella UM-45

45" UV Protected, double Canopy vented umbrella only.

     Price : $50.00


This is a new, innovative and revolutionary umbrella kit with a total weight of 2.2 lbs. Like other EASyL products it sets another new standard for quality plein air art equipment. The kit consists of three parts:



1. Strong C-clamp with universal joint. New

2. Telescopic tube 52".

3. Larger 45" double-canopy vented UV protection umbrella. New

Unlike conventional umbrellas, the EASyL umbrella is clamped to the tripod leg to prevent easel damage. The C clamp can attach to any round tripod leg, or the square leg of a French easel. The V shape rubber pads ensure stability even on the most windy day. (The conventional umbrella clamp is made of flimsy plastic, originally made for beach umbrella not for artist umbrella; and with a gooseneck which is prone to break after several uses; this type of umbrella clamped on the easel will eventually wears out itself, or even damages the easel ).

The all metal universal ball joint is another innovative design, enabling the artist to adjust the umbrella to any desired position effortlessly and conveniently.

To set up the whole kit, the C clamp is attached to one of the tripod leg, the telescopic tube is mounted to the support on the universal ball joint, and the umbrella pole is inserted to the telescopic tube. A bungee cord is attached to the umbrella and a fix position on the setup.

The fully extended telescopic tube enables an umbrella height of up to 107" from the ground, good for even the tallest artist.

The adjusting of the umbrella will be determined by the artist's height, the sunlight condition, and the easel tripod height. Artists will soon find the most suitable position for their own personal requirements.

The umbrella is made with a silver outside coating for UV protection and a black, anti-reflective interior. The silver coating reflects the sunlight, significantly reducing heat, and the black interior surface will remove reflective light, enabling the artist to paint with uniform, natural lighting. The diameter of the umbrella is 45 inches, perfectly covering the artist and painting. ( We will not make a larger umbrella because too big a diameter will draw a strong force from the wind and can cause the easel setup flipped over under a strong gust of wind ). There are eight ventilation openings on the top of the umbrella designed to reduce wind drag. The umbrella frame is made of fiberglass providing absolute strength with minimum weight.

Carry Bag
The folded umbrella, along with the telescopic tube, is stored in the supplied nylon carry bag. The overall length when folded is only 26".

New features :

The EASyL umbrella has a double canopy vented system consists of an upper canopy on top of a frames unit, and a lower canopy as umbrella main cover. It ensures a fix and large ventilation gap between the upper and lower canopies. This way the vented gaps remain open constantly.

The umbrella pole is inserted into the extendable telescopic tube without using a locking device. This is important as it ensures that even in the event of a strong wind gust the umbrella will not cause the easel to blow over. The umbrella is secured by a supplied bungee cord attached to the tube lock on the telescopic tube. This ensures easy umbrella retrieval without danger to the easel.
The picture on the left shows the bungee cord is attached to the tube lock on the telescopic tube.

We do not suggest using an umbrella in winds exceeding 20 mph.
Always expand the tripod legs to wider position or use a stone bag to stablize the setup.

Dennis Tyson

Plein Air Umbrella saves the day is a moment I captured while Plein Air Painting yesterday.

The EASyL umbrella did exactly what it was supposed to do when a big wind gust came along.

It prevented my whole setup from being thrown to the ground.

This is not a paid advertisement for EASyL


UMK-45 mounted on a Soltek

UMK-45 mounted on a French easel

Courtesy photo by Kevin Macpherson
Courtesy photo by Greg LaRock

Courtesy photo by Greg LaRock


 The EASyL umbrella is the best designed plein air umbrella I have ever used. They continue to improve design from time to time, and listen to what artists' suggestions".

~ Joe Paquet, artist, website: www.joepaquet.com



The umbrella I like and use the most is my new EasyL plein air umbrella kit. It’s the only umbrella kit I’ve owned that I take to every plein air painting session and haven’t wanted to drop kick off a cliff overlooking a scenic painting view.

Courtesy photo by Anna Lancaster http://annalancasterfineart.com/blog.html

Courtesy photo by Jason Situ, John Cosby

Incidentally, I was in Colorado for the Stephen Quiller Summer workshop last week. I had bought a collapsible umbrella for over $50. It bent into the first time out with a little wind, ruined! A lady from Canada had the large Easyl and the umbrella attachment--a couple days after mine bent into, she had hers out in like gale force winds, very powerful, and it held up without even getting pushed over. Your umbrella is made of strong and quality materials--congratulations.

- Bill Polm. Murrieta, CA

I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the umbrella! I used it at a recent workshop, and it worked great. I have tried two other umbrellas and this is the best designed by far.

- Lynn Davis-Smith

Thank you so much for the wonderful umbrella!!! I love my Easyl box, ( both of us have one now! ) I
continue to give out your info and glowingly show my students your products.

- Sara Linda Poly

I have been remiss in telling you how much I appreciate the umbrella. My husband and I have been painting this week, on Balboa Island. I marvel at how long we can paint, while in the sun - simply because we have added this piece of equipment. I am particularly sensitive to sun exposure, and the umbrella has added about 3 hours, to a typical outdoor painting session. In the past, I was comfortable for about 1.5 hours - and then it was really a test of endurance. Now, it is such a pleasure, to paint outdoors.

And little gusts of wind, simply let the umbrella lift a bit. A big gust of wind, simply makes the umbrella lift gently out of the shaft, and land carefully beside the tripod. Exactly as it was designed to do. Quite a switch from the old style umbrella set-ups, that caused your easel/palette-panel box, to "take off" in flight. With so many horrible "umbrella disasters", it is no wonder that artists are a bit timid to add an umbrella into their plein air gear.

- Michelle Sonoqui Gillette

I am very surprised how sturdy the umbrella system is. I have used many different umbrella setups, and this is the best!

- Tony Bianco
Fairvalley Studio

Thank you for such amazingly fast service. The umbrella may have been twice the price of the cheap umbrellas, but it's ten times the quality and much easier to carry. It will make painting this summer much more bearable.

- Linda Cain









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