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Designed for artist painting with Oil, Watercolor,Pastels.

Size: 12"x16"

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What you will get:

1 - Versa easel / palette combination box.
1 - Brush holder .
2 - Hooks .
1 - Professional tripod TP-6777 comes with carry bag.
(Brush Washer shown in the picture is not included)

Price: $ 489.00
Out of stock (New shipment will be available by early / mid Jan.)


If you already own a sturdy tripod , you may purchase the Versa box without the tripod.

Versa Box with brush holder and two hooks.

Price: $320.00


Grid Separator for Pastels

One set of detachable grid separator.

to view an example of artist using VERSA for pastel.

Price: $25.00



Watercolor setup display

  • The inner area of the palette space is: 12-1/8" x 15-7/8".
    Watercolor palette size should be equal to or smaller than the available area in order to put inside. Our AW-05 watercolor palette fit well.

VERSA is holding a panoramic canvas

  • No width limit of panel/canvas, a panoramic painting shown here, since panel/canvas is held from top to bottom
  • Supports panel as small as 4"x6" to 20" in height.
  • Most flexible easel holding a variety of sizes: 4X6, 5X7, 6X8, 8x10,9x12,10x12,11x14,12x16,14x18,16x20 or any of your customized sizes without necessity of purchasing additional adapter(s).

VERSA holding an extra large (30"x40") canvas

  • Turning VERSA into an outdoor studio: Versa holding a 30"X40" canvas by using three bungee cords. (courtesy picture by professional artist.) 
  • No other pochade can provide this large canvas painting in plein air should the artist is ambitious to paint a huge painting outdoor.
Narrow Support

VERSA comes with a standard 5/16" deep panel support by default

  • The distance of the panel bottom above the palette box
    is adjustable by sliding the panel support along vertical slots.
  • Panel bottom will no longer be too close to the palette while the
    artist's arm won't have the risk to touch the palette when painting or make your shirt dirty.
  • The panel will be raised at the height of artist's eye level. This
    unique feature is essential as artist will be able to adjust the height of panel/canvas to view the entire painted area properly (not by looking down at the painting).  This is the only pochade easel which provides such feature in the entire market.
Supporting panel
  • The panel support has an inclined surface to ensure the panel/canvas is always pushed against the easelback, thereby the panel is held more securely. 
  • It can hold canvas up to 3/4" in thickness.
Brush Stroke
  • This standard panel support is designed with 5/16" deep only so that  during painting, it will not obstruct the flow of brush stroke.
  • VERSA comes with this standard panel support which is lightweight.
  • The optional 3/4" deep support is for larger size stretched canvas.
     Price $19.00
Wide Support with Canvas

The 3/4" support plate shown supports a stretched canvas of 7/8".

Again there is no brush stroke obstruction


Storage for paint tubes, brushes and other supplies.

  • VERSA has enough storage space for carrying most necessary supplies.
  • It is advisable to carry as less as possible in outdoor painting session. Extra supplies may be stored in the backpack or any other carrying facility.
  • The reserved space separated by a removable separator bar is reserved
    for unused paint. The separator bar will be removed to turn the whole palette area into a color mixing palette.


The Easy-L easel and accompanying accesories are everything they are claimed to be. Innovative design does away with wing-nuts, and sticking drawers, delayed set-up time, and pieces that break, freeze, or fall off. Durable materials of light, varnished wood and brass fittings take hard use. The pochade boxes are lightweight enough to transport, stow, and ship easily. The tripod design is wind-resistant, precision-locking, and adjusts to uneven terrain. Out of the four umbrellas I have purchased, only the Artwork Essentials umbrella works, due to its easy any-angle attachment to boxes and tables, and the structure of its perfectly-designed clamp. The Easy-L easel (I have purchased four, in various sizes) will be the one you will keep.

Rick Delanty - Delanty Fine Art, Inc.

I wanted to let you know that I have been using your EASyL easel and I have been having a wonderful time of painting, I have no more back problems from fiddling around with my old french easel. Finally an ergonomically sound easel is born!

Sterling Hoffmann - Award winner of the Best of Show at the Estes Park Plein Air Competition and Show. http://sterlinghoffmann.com/

I wanted to let you know that I have recently begun to use my new VERSA and the wonderful EASyL-Pak. I have waited until now so that I could keep it in excellent condition for my trip to Wilmington, NC, April 29 through May 9. Both products are in every way superior. I have been working on a 30" x 40" plein air painting at Crystal Cove State Park. As you know I use three Bungee Cords to secure my canvas to the VERSA. It works very well. I am especially happy with the new EASyL-Pak. Though I have not yet carried it a great distance or subjected its parts to my traditional rough treatment, the many compartments and ample space make it ideal. I am enjoying them very much and thank you very much!

Jeff Horn
Jeffrey Horn


I keep buying pochades and easels. I've tried most of them. I even had a custom one built. After receiving my EASyL, I've stopped my search. For my purposes this is easy to use, light weight, and versatile. I have even bought them for friends because I like them so much.

Eric Rhoads_P
Eric Rhoads
Publisher (and painter)
Fine Art Connoisseur


CW Mundy painting in France

Kenn Backhaus_01
Kenn Backhaus
PAPA signature member artist

Morgan Samuel Price

Michael Obermeyer
Robert Kuester
Robert Kuester

Armand Cabrera
Armand Cabrera

Robert Grogan
Robert Grogan

Greg LaRock
Greg LaRock

I just received your Versa and the large wet panel box. They are exceptionally well built and exceed my expectations. Your designs are better than my own. You obviously have experienced painters on your design team. I am recommending your products to my students and fellow painters.
Chris Kolupski
Hello,about three weeks ago I purchased your setup and have been using it with great pleasure. this weekend I participated in an event sponsored by my gallery in new york and refereed your company to 5 artists who also loved it. The simplicity of the versa especially during the set-up process makes getting started so easy and getting started when working plein-air is most important The glass palette painted grey is a great idea that I have never used and it has been working out better than expected, so I just wanted to thank you for making my painting process a heck of a lot easier,all the best
Robert Abele III

Dear Sir, first thank you for creating such and awesome product. Craftmanship is great. Have a suggestion for you pastel division and foam. The division work great. Is the foam that is too thin. I bough a 1/2 inch foam instead cut it to fit the divisions and then put the pastels. On top I put the two foams you sent with the division. I close the box and fits snuggly and no dust comes out.
Virginia Larrea LaTourrette

My students are appreciating the easels very much. Thank you very much for sending me the package
of items I needed.
Nancy Mercury

I am so thrilled with all my EasyL equipment! I can't say enough about the way everything is designed to fit the specific needs of the plein air painter. The backpack was worth it's weight in gold and the wet panel carrier allowed me to bring such a variety of sizes, well what a bargain, flying with wet paintings has never been so easy. I just took it as carry on and never worried about them being lost. And thanks for the tip about crimping the hook onto my brush cleaner. I added a little duct tape and never lost a thing. I had so many questions about where I got my supplies I'm sure you will be hearing from the other artists. T. M. Nicholas was particularly impressed with the wet panel carrier's versatility and price. Louise Demore commented on how quickly I was able to set up and break down and how convenient everything was. It made it so easy to paint and move on and that made my trip very productive, so thank you for the wonderful product line. If your brushes are as good as everything else I'm sorry I didn't stock up!
Ramona Kennon

I love the concept, the hardware, the whole system. Smartly engineered and designed. Definitely a step up in versatility from most pochade boxes. And the backpack is truly hi tech. As an old backpacker in the mountains of Colorado I can tell you that's one hell of a backpack you have!
Phillip Levin

just wanted to tell you that I love your Versa box. I use for oils and pastels. I made a light box for my pastels that fits in the space. I take it in and out depending if I am going to use oils.
Great design.

Virginia Larrea-LaTourrette

Just returned from Hawaii where I conducted a plein-air workshop. I'm sending photos with students and myself using the easyl. They all enjoyed using the easyl so much, it was very windy in some locations and the easyl was very sturdy .Thanks.
Kaye Franklin

Just wanted you to know that I received my Easyl and I think I am going to like it. The tripod is very impressive. Makes my old one look like a toy. I can see why you encourage buying it. The only thing I am concerned with is the foam protection for my pastels. I¡¦m thinking of getting a thicker foam and cutting it into pieces the size of the compartments so I can place the foam lower and better protect the pastels. I¡¦ll let you know how that works. Thanks for the quick service.
Kimberly Adamache

I am enclosing 2 photos- one of me standing in the middle of the road and another of my finished work - that is hanging at the Alla Prima Gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida.
I was one of 30 professional artists from Florida chosen to compete in the "Paint the town" competition in St Pete April 7 thu 9th.2005. I used your EasyL easel, and loved the way it performed. It is very light to carry, and the tripod is very professional and sturdy. We had a breezy day, and being able to open the legs on the tripod wide- the easel stayed very stable. i like being able to adjust the easel level no matter what strange shape thel egs are in. The 2 adjusting handles are great for that. I am also glad that I can carry wet canvases on the back if needed. Several artists and non-artists approached me and asked
about the easel. I think it is small enough that I can carry it in my suitcase when traveling by plane also. I would suggest it to anyone. Thanks,
Janet onofrey

I have spent quite a bit of painting time with the new Versa setup by now, and I want to tell you that I am very happy with it. The thing I like best is the balance - no tipping whatsoever, even though I'm using the unit on a desktop. The Versa feels very solid and stable. I especially like the sturdiness of all the components. I'm impressed in particular with the solidity of the side thumbscrews that control the tilt of the easel back. That adjustment is solid as can be, and simply won't slip. The Versa and its accessories are very well made, well machined, and a pleasure to use.
Brie Dodson

Nancy from Switzerland, stays cool in the shadows and the perfume of the scotch broom, during the Lavender Workshop in Provence 2004
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